Why do I need to have a dark tan for competitions?

Due to the use of lights on stage and other factors involved if you do not have a dark appearance your physique can get washed out. You can always see the definition and separation of your muscles better when you are dark.

Why Should I use Pro Tan®?

We have perfected our formula over the last 28 years to make it the most effective product on the market. Athletes from all over the world use Pro Tan®.

With proper application it highlights your definition better than any other product we know of.

Pro Tan® absorbs into your skin, it doesn’t sit on top of it. The advantages of this are that you don’t cover up your hard earned muscles.

I heard sunless tanning products can run off and/or streak when I sweat, is this true?

Pro Tan® Competition Color is designed to give you instant bronzing combined with our sunless tanning complex to give you the deepest darkest tan in the shortest amount of time. When applied properly Pro Tan® should not run or streak.

The key is that you must first exfoliate your skin with our Get Buffed® Pre-Tan exfoliator. This will balance your skins pH and allow your skin to accept the tanning complexes in Pro Tan®. It is important that after at most three coats of our Competition Color that you rinse of in the shower to remove the excess Pro Tan® that is sitting on the top of your skin.

Pro Tan® has a color complex in it so that you can clearly see where you are applying the product. If you do not rinse in between several coats the tanning complex will not be able to penetrate your skin which may cause the product to run. Pro Tan® is designed to absorb into your skin and not to sit on top of it. We recommend applying at most three coats before rinsing and applying more.

How do I know what product to use?

We admit that finding the right combination of products can be confusing so that’s why we created our application chart and have provided detailed instructions on each and every product. We have also created different kits that can be found in our store which will give you all the necessary products to step on stage.

Every athlete is different and we suggest you try different products in our line until you find out what works best for you. Of course you can always call us with any questions or reach us on our contact page.

How do I get Pro Tan® off me?

Our Pro Tan® competition color contains a tanning complex that lasts 5-7 days depending on the amount of applications.

If you would like to speed up the process you can use our Get Buffed® tanning exfoliator with moderate pressure to help remove the product.

Usually the product will wear off completely within 10-12 days at the most.

I have heard that competition tanning products can make you green or even orange, is this true?

There can be several reasons that people appear green when they use a competition tanning product. Much of it has to do with your skins pH and also the product you are using. If your pH is too high and your skin is oily it’s possible that the instant competition products can cause a green hue.

With Pro Tan® this is very rare since we are not covering your body in one coat with a dye. Many of our competitors have products that simply coat your skin and are a combination of greens, blues and browns. Once they are applied to your skin depending on your skin tone they can often times set off a green hue.

Our product absorbs into your skin allowing your skin to look more natural and appealing to the judges. In our 28 years of providing tanning products to competitors our track record for solid consistent color is better than anyone’s.

If you want to avoid looking green, balance your pH with our Get Buffed® product, and use Pro Tan®! Your tan is too important to risk using anything else.

What is the proper tanning protocol when using Pro Tan®?

– 2 weeks prior the contestant should start the hair removal and exfoliation process. This is where Pro Tan’s® Get Buffed and Hair Away can be used.

– 2 weeks prior the contestant should also develop a base tan, by either tanning outdoors, with a tanning bed, or by using a self-tanner such as Pro Tan’s® Sunny Day or Two Minute Tan.

– The actual competition tanning process should begin one to two days prior to the contest. On the day of their first application the competitor MUST NOT use any lotions, deodorants or perfumes of any kind. Also, once the tanning process begins you CAN NOT shave anymore. One or Two days out the competitor will get their first coat in the morning, let it dry for 4-6 hours, and then get their second coat later that night.

The competitor will then sleep in their tan (wearing loose fitting, dark sweats and long sleeve shirt). Upon waking a day before the contest they will rinse in warm water until it runs clear (NO SOAP) only if getting a third coat. Again after showering the competitor MUST NOT use any lotions, deodorants or perfumes of any kind. They then can get their 3rd coat if desired at any time during the day (no more showering after this). The competitor will then sleep in their tan (wearing loose fitting, dark sweats and long sleeve shirt).

Remember, upon waking the day of the contest the competitor will NOT shower. If they desire more color or touch ups they should use a top coat product such as Quick Bronze®, Bikini Bronze®, Physique Bronze®, or Body Builder Bronze®. The top coat must then be sealed in with a finishing oil such as Muscle Juice® or Show Shine® before stepping on stage. Bikini Bite® is also necessary to hold their suits in place.